Oxford Wordpower Dictionary with CD-ROM (Third Edition Advanced)

Oxford Wordpower Dictionary with CD-ROM (Third Edition Advanced)
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Anul publicării: 2006
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Oxford Wordpower Dictionary with CD-ROM (Third Edition Advanced). Description: English level: Intermediate to Upper-Intermediate

Written specifically for intermediate learners and their needs, with a focus on building vocabulary through topics, and on boosting accuracy and confidence.

Every aspect of the dictionary, from the way the entries are written to the way the information is presented, has been planned to ensure that it is always user-friendly and helpful.

How can it be used?
Self-study: e. g. vocabulary building, exam preparation, error correction.
In general English classes: promoting learner independence.
Key features
The Oxford 3000 - the most useful words to learn - are clearly marked so users can focus on learning the most important words.
Users can find what they are looking for and understand it when they do. The dictionary explains difficult words so that students understand the definitions without having to look elsewhere. Shortcuts in longer entries take users straight to the right meaning.
New vocabulary-building notes give words on particular topics, as well as synonyms for over-used words like 'nice' and 'good'.
'Help' notes give learners the information they need to avoid errors. 'More' notes encourage users to build on what they know.
Photos and drawings clarify difficult words or show the difference between similar words.
Sixteen pages of colour illustrations show words in topic groups to help build vocabulary.
Fourteen pages of activities develop dictionary skills so that learners get the most from the dictionary.

Format: Paperback
Author: Turnbull, Jo
Publication Date: 2006
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Vezi și alte cărți: Oxford


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