Oxford Students Dictionary of English with CD-ROM (For learners using English to study other subjects)

Oxford Students Dictionary of English with CD-ROM (For learners using English to study other subjects)
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Anul publicării: 2007
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Oxford Student's Dictionary of English with CD-ROM (For learners using English to study other subjects). Description: For learners using English to study other subjects.
Level: Intermediate to Upper-Intermediate

More words and more support to help students use English to study other subjects

* Over 65, 000 words and phrases including 3500 new words to help students study art, biology, business studies, politics, geography, science, physical education, history, computing and maths
* New reference pages - help with the language of specific curriculum subjects and with academic writing.
* New synonyms and collocations boxes - show how to talk and write about topics such as politics, law, natural disasters and art
* New academic word list - ideal for IELTS students - is clearly marked in the dictionary with help on how to use words to develop academic writing skills
* New CD ROM - search words by subject area, create your own topic dictionary and vocabulary and exam practice exercises
* NEW diagrams and illustrations - help learners understand scientific and technical processes
* Oxford 3000 - shows you the words you need to know to English

About this Book:
A new edition of the Oxford Student's Dictionary adapted for students using English to study a range of other subjects and to help prepare for IELTS and International GCSEs and 'O' levels. This dictionary is suitable for schools with bilingual or CLIL programmes where students study other subjects in English. It has more words and new reference pages that focus on practising the language used in different specialist areas, focusing on one subject area at a time. The internationally recognised list of words for academic studies (published by Averil Coxhead, University of Wellington, NZ) contains words students need to know if they intend to go on to study at tertiary level. The CD-ROM enables teachers and students to tailor-make their own topic dictionaries and import and store words from other sources, such as course books.

Format: Paperback
Publication Date: 2007
Publisher: Oxford University Press
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