NEW Grammar and Vocabulary for FCE, with Key and access to Longman Dictionaries Online

NEW Grammar and Vocabulary for FCE, with Key and access to Longman Dictionaries Online
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Anul publicării: 2012
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Offers exam takers extensive and balanced coverage of both grammar and vocabulary. Develop both skills with just one book! Each unit consists of 5 subsections: 3 grammar and 2 vocabulary and each subsection opens with a grammar or vocabulary presentation page followed by practice exercises. Additional explanations to make grammar understanding even more easy and additional exercises for guaranteed success! When it comes to vocabulary this edition makes it easy for you: additional development of FCE vocabulary with the help of the Word Store at the back of the book. This section presents vocabulary in topic areas, going beyond individual words to cover collocation and phrases. More up-to-date texts and topics to keep students motivated to learn. Exam success is ensured by continuous practice and testing in exam format: entry tests lead students clearly to the appropriate practice according to their needs, comprehensive practice in each unit focused on presented grammar and vocabulary. To make this the ultimate exam preparation tool we added online support! Inside the book you'll find a code that gives you access to the best dictionary and practice material and support for all of their queries. The free access lasts for 12 months. Data Publicarii: 22 Mar 2012 Format: Mixed media product


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