Incredible English, Level 6 Class Book

Incredible English, Level 6 Class Book
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Anul publicării: 2008
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Incredible English, Level 6 Class Book, OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS.

A six-level course that gives children more vocabulary, more reading, and more lessons than other primary courses. Your pupils will definitely learn more!

Who is it for?
For schools with 4 hours of teaching per week, or with 3 hours per week looking for a more demanding course.

Key features
* Written by top primary authors, including Sarah Phillips, an expert on how children learn.
* A CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) section in every unit teaches students other subjects through English.
* CLIL posters in levels 3-6 extend the topics of the units.
* Substantial resource pack includes Norton the puppet, flashcards, photocopiable masters, and story frames book.
* The unique Fixit Game Poster lets children see what they're learning in an engaging, visual way.
* Cartoon stories written by the award-winning children's author Michaela Morgan.

Description: Level: Beginner A2
Author: Phillips, S et al
Ages: 6 and over


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