Anesthesiology with DVD
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Anesthesiology with DVD

Anesthesiology with DVD
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Anul publicării: 2012
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Keep pace with current anesthesiology practice'with the new edition of this standard-setting guide

This classic text'written and edited by an internationally renowned author team'defines today's anesthesia practice for residents and practitioners alike. The book features crisp, readable prose that focuses only on the most relevant topics in anesthesiology, perioperative medicine, critical care medicine, and pain medicine'all of which align with the current emphasis on delivering value in anesthesia care as part of the overall health care process.

Much more than a how-to manual of anesthetic techniques, Anesthesiology, Second Edition, presents an up-to-the-minute, accessible compilation of crucial concepts and principles ' one that affirms the book's status as the gold-standard reference in the field.

NEW Increased focus on perioperative medicine, including outstanding sections on pre-op assessment, critical care medicine, and pain management
NEW Expanded information on regional anesthesia reflects the best of current anesthesia practice, including ultrasound-guided techniques
Complete coverage that spans the entire field, including all of the anesthetic considerations, preparations, and procedures for the surgical patient, the pain patient, and critical care patient
Ideal for anesthesiology residents and practitioners preparing for the Maintenance of Certification in Anesthesiology (MOCA) exam
Balanced presentation surveys clinical information, practical clinical procedures, and the molecular and basic scientific foundations of anesthesiology practice
Timely emphasis on safety, quality, and patient-centered care
Up-to-date overview of specialty areas of anesthetic practice covers obstetric anesthesia, neuroanesthesia, cardiac anesthesia, thoracic anesthesia, pediatric anesthesia,, ambulatory anesthesia, monitored anesthesia care (MAC), and other key sub-specialties
Learning aids such as key points, numerous tables and algorithms, and key references
Engaging full-color presentation
Extensive online reference list

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Anul aparitiei:2012


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