Adams and Victor's Principles of Neurology

Adams and Victor's Principles of Neurology
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The definitive guide to the full spectrum of neurology

Adams and Victor's Principles of Neurology provides all the information you will need to confidently handle any neurologic problem, from disorders of motility, derangements of intellect, behavior, and language, to the degenerative and neuromuscular diseases. Having this gold standard text on your reference shelf is like being able to consult with skilled clinicians on a daily basis. More than a compilation of facts, Adams and Victor's delivers expert insights not found in any other resource that help you understand every aspect of neurological disease.

Table of Contents

1: Approach to the Patient with Neurologic Disease
2: Special Techniques for Neurologic Diagnosis
3: Motor Paralysis
4: Abnormalities of Movement and Posture Due to Disease of the Basal Ganglia
5: Incoordination and Other Disorders of Cerebellar Function
6: Tremor, Myoclonus, Focal Dystonias, and Tics
7: Disorders of Stance and Gait
8: Pain
9: Other Somatic Sensation
10: Headache and Other Craniofacial Pains
11: Pain in the Back, Neck, and Extremities
12: Disorders of Smell and Taste
13: Disturbances of Vision
14: Disorders of Ocular Movement and Pupillary Function
15: Deafness, Dizziness, and Disorders of Equilibrium
16: Epilepsy and Other Seizure Disorders
17: Coma and Related Disorders of Consciousness
18: Faintness and Syncope
19: Sleep and Its Abnormalities
20: Delirium and Other Acute Confusional States
21: Dementia and the Amnesic (Korsakoff) Syndrome with Comments on the Neurology of Intelligence and Memory
22: Neurologic Disorders Caused by Lesions in Particular Parts of the Cerebrum
23: Disorders of Speech and Language
24: Fatigue, Asthenia, Anxiety, and Depressive Reactions
25: The Limbic Lobes and the Neurology of Emotion
26: Disorders of the Autonomic Nervous System, Respiration, and Swallowing
27: The Hypothalamus and Neuroendocrine Disorders
28: Normal Development and Deviations in Development of the Nervous System
29: The Neurology of Aging
30: Disturbances of Cerebrospinal Fluid and Its Circulation, Including Hydrocephalus, Pseudotumor Cerebri, and Low-Pressure Syndromes
31: Intracranial Neoplasms and Paraneoplastic Disorders
32: Infections of the Nervous System (Bacterial, Fungal, Spirochetal, Parasitic) and Sarcoidosis
33: Viral Infections of the Nervous System, Chronic Meningitis, and Prion Diseases
34: Cerebrovascular Diseases
35: Craniocerebral Trauma
36: Multiple Sclerosis and Allied Demyelinating Diseases
38: Developmental Diseases of the Nervous System
41: Diseases of the Nervous System Due to Nutritional Deficiency
42: Alcohol and Alcoholism
45: Electrophysiologic and Laboratory Aids in the Diagnosis of Neuromuscular Disease
47: Diseases of the Cranial Nerves
48: Principles of Clinical Myology: Diagnosis and Classification of Diseases of Muscle and Neuromuscular Junction
49: The Inflammatory Myopathies
50: The Muscular Dystrophies
51: The Metabolic and Toxic Myopathies
52: The Congenital Neuromuscular Disorders
53: Myasthenia Gravis and Related Disorders of the Neuromuscular Junction

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Anul aparitiei: 2009


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